Welcome to Sugar Rush


Hello, I’m Olivia, 19 years, going to college, a normal student with an interest in blogging and trying out new things. Here you can find reviews of places and restaurants I have visited, various recipes I have tried and a little bit on how my personal experience was when I tried it. But this is not just a place for recipes and such, you can also find various articles about general topics I feel inspired to write about from time to time.

Baking is something I love to do, it started out just as a hobby but I want to do more and share what I have learned, so here you would be able to find some of my creations and you can try it too, I will also be giving you guys some amazing recipes I have found and tried myself and some tips and tricks I know regarding baking and making all kinds of desserts.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Hash says:

    Al d bst


  2. Sudhi says:

    Good luck molu.. Great work.. Really inspiring to all.. Gold bless you…


  3. Haris says:

    all the best dear. God bless u


  4. Rehna.N.A. says:

    All the best…….May God bless you dear


  5. Anjana says:

    All the best .. May God Bless You !!


  6. Jan Prestely says:

    Olivia, This is a great start. All the best dear. Now, Lets start the sugar rush.! 😀


  7. Lovin James says:

    Hi Lia

    Awesome work….Wishes you a great future…God bless!


  8. Nisha Joseph says:

    Long way to go my little baker .. proud of you my daughter .. be an inspiration to your sisters and the world !


  9. jeshurunjohn9 says:

    The best !

    Liked by 1 person

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