A memory from school

Recently I have been thinking about how school was for me, now that I am done with the first year of university and on vacation. For some reasons, a few funny incidents I remember from school keeps coming to my mind so I thought I would share one. You’ll be surprised how many of them somehow ended up with me being kicked out of class, I was not a bad student, an average one actually, used to be quite most of the time. I started doing well in school only in high school, to the point where  I didn’t know I could do so well before.

So the whole incident began on an average school day, I was in the eighth grade at the time, we were preparing for an event called Globex where every class was given a country to represent and decorate their classes as if it actually was that country. We also had to know different things about it to finally present on the actual day of the event. We could even be dressed in their traditional clothing. Since it was a regular school day we had to find free time and use our free periods to do the work, so we did. When our free time was over the bell rang, and we were all scrambling back to our seats before the teacher arrived, I was already in my seat when I remembered an important thing I had to tell someone that if I forget again it would be a problem, so I decided to call out to her and tell her. Now the problem was both of our seats were on different ends of the class and me being the quiet one, I wasn’t loud enough for her to hear me. In my defense I tried everything to get her attention I even asked someone else to call her for me, but like I said everyone was in a hurry to clean up and get back to their seats. So basically I somehow decided to call her myself by screaming her name (I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea at the time), so I called her really loudly ( emphasis on ‘loudly’), she finally heard me, and I told her the important news. At the time nobody realized how loud I was because everyone else was being loud too, at least until the teacher came.

So when she finally reached the classroom, everyone went quiet (plus it was this one teacher we didn’t want to mess with because we were all scared of her). Once everyone settled she asked a question that made me go into a panic mode within seconds, she said “Who was the one who screamed -name- so loud?”, Basically, what happened was even with all the noise my screaming is what she heard which basically ended up with her thinking I was the cause of the whole situation (me, the quiet one). I am the type who can’t lie even if it would kill me so I raised my hand and said it was me, the face the teacher made I cannot forget plus all my classmates were surprised when they heard I was the one who made noise because I’m the usually quiet one. I don’t remember the particulars, but I remember being shouted at to the verge of me almost crying and then being kicked out of class.

You can say I never screamed in class after that, even though I was very frightened at the time, the whole situation is kind of funny to me now. To most people, it may not sound like a very significant incident, but for me being the usual obedient type and never getting into trouble this was big. But now it’s just a memory from school, thanks to that I’m never going to forget the faces of my classmates when they were astounded to the fact that I could be so loud (I was very, very quiet).

This incident also somehow helped me personally to realize that I had the capability to speak loud and clear which ended up in me volunteering in many assembly speeches and finally getting over my stage fright, as I used to be a person who was afraid of public speaking even though I really loved it at heart.

In the end, I’d like to conclude this very long article by saying that we may experience a lot of situations both good and bad, but it’s not about what happened, but it’s about what you learned from it and how you improve yourself through it.


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