Travelogue: Trip to Spain

Travelling, it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta

This is a new section I have wanted to add to my blog for quite some time, this is where I will write about various places I have traveled and the different experiences I’ve had there. This, in particular, is about my recent trip to Spain.


This trip was organized by my university here in Dubai, where they would take interested students for five days and four nights trip to Barcelona and Madrid. When I first heard about this I got really excited because I previously have never traveled alone and this was going to my first time, of course, I was nervous but really excited for the most part.

It was a long process for acquiring a visa and tickets and so on but finally, the time came, the trip took place back in January, so it was still winter. Our flight was at 5 am in the morning, but we had to meet up at the airport beforehand because there were so many of us ( 50+ ) and we had to go through check-in and immigration. We were on connecting flights, but the whole trip took us about nine hours.

Now for the most important part…

Day one:

We were in Barcelona for the first two days. On the first day by the time we reached, it was already lunchtime, and we were just coming out of the airport, we all were tired and hungry but didn’t stop us from taking in the beautiful scenery.

FullSizeRender (6)

We had gone to a restaurant next to the port side so we had some excellent seafood some of which I loved and some not so much.


We went to our hotel and settled in, and we rested for some time, in the evening we got on the bus again, and the tour guides took us to dinner after which we had free time until midnight. I just ended up going back to my room because I was so exhausted.

Day two:

We woke up early in the morning, got dressed and headed to breakfast. Breakfast was a buffet with typical breakfast food along with some locally famous stuff. After breakfast, we all got on a bus and headed to Montserrat mountain, which was one of my favorite places in the whole trip, we went to the top of the mountain where there was an ancient church.



We got to walk around and see the beautiful view, go inside the church and shop for some souvenirs. The tour guides had arranged lunch for us at the location, so we had our lunch there too.


Afer lunch we headed to another tourist location which was Sagrada Família, a church that is more than a hundred years old but still under construction. It was beautiful, you can clearly see the difference in the architecture style when comparing the two sides of the church.

After we were done there, they dropped us at a shopping site where we had some free time before they would come pick us up to drop us at our hotel. So we went around looking at the city, doing some shopping and trying different foods. I especially loved the churros I tried there.

Before they dropped us to our hotel, they took us for dinner and after a whole day of walking around and exploring we were all exhausted, so we went back to our rooms although some of us went out to explore more as we had free time until midnight.

Day three:

Today was the day we were leaving Barcelona and heading to Madrid, it was supposed to be a five-hour bus trip which turned into a 10 hour one. That day we woke up early packed our things and headed to breakfast after we ate we loaded our stuff onto the bus and we headed out. We were singing songs, telling stories and playing games, of course, a lot of us fell asleep too. Within the first two hours, we reached our first stop where we bought ourselves some snacks, had some coffee and took a much-needed bathroom break. By the time we all finished eating and shopping the stop took longer than we thought so we quickly rushed back to the bus and headed out again.



This is me by the way…. sitting at the restaurant.

In the next three hours, we reached a small town on the way from Barcelona to Madrid called Zaragoza, we stopped there to get some lunch and enjoy the scenery.

After we had lunch, we were all pretty full, so once we got back to the bus most of us fell asleep, we woke up in about an hour and started playing games again until we reached Madrid.

When we finally reached we headed straight to dinner and after to the hotel. We were all exhausted from a whole day of traveling we fell asleep almost immediately.

Day four:

We woke up and went to breakfast that day and immediately after we head out to one of the bullfighting arenas in Madrid. We could not go inside but it was beautiful none the less, our tour guide told us a story about the statue of a bullfighter that was outside the arena.




After we saw the whole area, we went to have lunch in a popular shopping area. After lunch we went to the Royal Palace in Madrid, it was beautiful we were allowed to go inside one of the wings. The tour kept explaining the unique things about every room as we went through the whole thing.



After the tour of the castle, we were allowed free time and told to meet at the hotel before midnight so we could go and explore the city by ourselves. So we took a taxi back to the hotel grabbed a few things and head out on our own to various places for the rest of the day and did some shopping and sightseeing. We grabbed dinner at a local pizza place and took it back to our room and had dinner.


Day five:

We were all tired today because it was the last day in Spain, we were allowed to sleep in a bit, but not too much of we would miss breakfast. We were told to get ready by 12 pm as our flight was at four.


By about 1 pm we were at the airport checking in, and going through duty-free. This time the trip was ten hours long because of the break in the middle. And after a beautiful journey reached back in Dubai at 5:45 am in the morning.




This was my first trip abroad alone, and I had a lot of fun and looking forward to traveling more.


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